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Best Softwares For Estimation

Best Softwares For Estimation

The success of the construction projects lies behind accurate estimates. Because estimates need keen calculations. It is not easy to tackle it without the required material quantity, costs, and expenses to calculate. Manually, it is not possible and lengthens the duration of working. Inaccuracy leads to significant issues not only for owners but also for clients and contractors.

There are softwares available that made construction work more manageable and less time-consuming. With the applications, we can do estimates quickly and prepare bids. It helps to solve the problems for the budget and reduces the chances of inaccurate calculations.

In this article, you will find guides about estimation softwares.

PlanSwift Construction Estimating Software

PlanSwift is a digital, smooth, and easy takeoff estimating software. It is suitable for any construction project, whether industrial or residential. It supports PDF, TIF, and DWG format projects. Not only can you scale your drawings manually or use a pre-defined scale in PlanSwift but also count the items without missing. It makes the calculations breeze, and you can do what you need.


The key points:

  • Accurate
  • Boost profit
  • Time-saving
  • Economical
  • Efficacy

With its Point and Click, you can takeoff items within seconds to calculate the estimates by Drag and Drop option quickly. It generates an excel sheet to proceed further. The most significant feature is the user-friendliness. You can achieve accuracy in calculations to avoid loss of cost and think about your time-saving. Everything happens in a blink.

You can estimate landscapes, plumbing, drywall, and more by using PlanSwift Plugins. You can start your free trial for 14 days.

You can get the PlanSwift Professional software at $1595, including updates and support. It is also providing one-in-one three hours of professional training at $300, where you can learn the functioning of this software. You can install it on Windows with 4GB RAM.

Bluebeam Estimating Software

Bluebeam is a takeoff software that seamlessly assists the user in taking off, organize, and collaborate with PDF files. It helps them to convert the documents into PDF format. You can manage the project details in one place. Estimators, architects, project managers, VDC, or BMI directors, and CIOs primarily need them to their work. It helps to import PDF files from Revit, Sketchup, and Navisworks.


It maintained the flow of the construction work and preserved them for future use. Besides, to markup PDF files, you can also compare the two data.  It helps to make custom markups allowing the files to upload and share with the others. It is giving a 30-day free trial.

You can install it on Windows on 7, 7.8, 8.1, and 10 can purchase the Bluebeam at $349. It does not provide any professional training except live chat and documentation. It also supports Mac OS, Cloud, SaaS, and more.

The Bluebeam software products include:

  • Bluebeam Revu for PDF to create, editing and markup.
  • Bluebeam Vu for PDF operates on the iPad and windows.
  • Bluebeam Vu iPad.
  • The studio server for users uses Bluebeam studio.

Esticom Estimating Software

Esticom is a cloud-based, on-screen, real in time software for construction and estimating projects. It’s web software; you do not need to download it and can access it from any device. It adds more value to the construction work making bidding, projects, and quantity takeoff in no time. It increases profit and winning projects quickly. Within less time, you can create and save the project templates from speeding up the process.


By putting all the project details, estimation, and cost of quantities is figure out quickly. You can access Esticom by creating an account and use it in a more manageable way. In comparison with other softwares, there is no need to transfer data into excel or estimating software. All the data will integrate into one place with Esticom.

The key features include:

  • Plumbing estimation
  • HVAC estimation
  • Projects analytics
  • Project management
  • Account integration

A 14-day free trial is giving you to experience its features without credit card required. You can buy for a year at $1299 per estimator per year, including support and training. You can also purchase a monthly plan at $139 per estimator per month with support and training. All to start with a free trial. It is providing support by video tutorials and documentation to guide familiar with Esticom features.

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